Our Mission


What's The Buzz Honey is a family owned and operated small business, dedicated to providing healthy raw honey in a vast variety of flavors. All of our honey is lovingly made in small batches with high quality raw honey and flavoring. The driving force behind What's The Buzz Honey is the idea that when you make small holistic, changes about what goes into your body and your family's bodies, those changes add up over time to help you live a longer and healthier life. We enhance our already nutrient dense, healthy, healing honey, with flavors that not only add to the benefits your body receives, but also provide a delicious taste sensation that nourishes your body and soul.


About Our Family


Michelle and Mike married in 1982 and went on to have 7 children. We were active in the foster care and adoption world for several decades. Now, as grandparents of 4 and counting, we have embarked on a new project, named What's The Buzz Honey. WTBH was started to help support our future retirement, camping addiction, and to help provide for one of our children, who has multiple disabilities. In spite of starting the business for mainly financial reasons, it has quickly evolved into a major obsession with providing education and resources to aid our customers in their quest for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Our motto, ~Healthy~Holistic~Healing~, is something we live by. Please join us in our journey to a long, happy, productive, joyful life— M & M


Special Thanks


We are forever grateful to our children and their spouses, for their love, help, support, and tolerance of Mom and Dad's sudden lifestyle change, Jack & Janine, Drew & Colleen, Steven & Cierra, Luke, Alex, Hannah, and Shauna. We are forever in love with the perfect little people to whom we are Grammy and Grampy, Legend, Jack Jr, Allison, and Atticus. Another round of thanks goes to our longtime friends, confidants, and fellow adoptive parents, Nick and Denise, without whom WTBH wouldn't exist.

To place an order, please email Michelle@whatsthebuzzhoney.com

for a complete product and price list.